Improved use of derelict and under utilsed groud

Kinlochleven was built around the Blackwater Dam and approximately 100 years ago an aluminium smelter was the main employer for this area. The smelter closed in the year 2000 leaving areas of unused land some of which was gifted to Kinlochleven Community Trust (KCT). Over the years the KCT has developed some of this land, but now wants the community to decide what to do with the remaining undeveloped areas. Our idea is for KCT to hold an open day for the community. We hope to gather support for a number of projects including a skate park for the older children, a water play park for the younger children and a touring park bringing motor homes and touring caravans an much needed income to the village. In addition to this we will use the KETSO tool to ask residents to put forward new ideas for the village, which we will evaluate and would hope they will be taken forward by the Trust. We will follow this up with another open day later in the year in order to feed back the results.

Why the contribution is important

Since the village was born, the residents have never had a say in what was done to the area. When the smelter was in operation any changes to the village were decided by the smelter owners who also owned all of the land. Following the closure of the smelter the KCT took over some areas from the land owners and many improvements have been made to the village including a Centenary Garden, reopened public toilets and an extensive grond maintenance programme. However the remaining areas of undeveloped land (some owned by the Trust and others by the land owner) need to be used for something that will improve the sustainability of the village by bringing in visitors and also offering recreational space for both tourists and residents to enjoy.

by KinlochlevenCommunityTrust on June 12, 2017 at 03:56PM

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